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Sissy husband blogs

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If you are sent to the corner for punishment, you will remain there with your panties at your ankles, your hands on your head, and your face touching husbajd corner. You will not.

You will not speak unless asked a question by a Mistress.

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Any Mistress can send you to the corner and any Mistress can spank you. Lady Mary, you will do as Mistress Kate directs you from day to day.

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Mistress Mom had really out done Herself. I thought this was so clever since Mistress Barbara was far too many letters for most Christmas stockings.

I am a Queen he is my princess. I am turning him in to a little sissy princess. This is a blog of our journey. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me. I married a sissy man, we where dating and after a few months he confessed to no boyfriend and I was a little drunk one night and told her about my husband. Content Warning. Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not.

Stockings have always been fun in our family because they contain simple, useful, and relatively inexpensive items. Lipstick, make-up, make-up tools, hair clips, pantyhose or stocking, and socks.

When I pulled mine out, sissy k quickly said, gosh are we getting sissy husband blogs dog? I chinees girls sissy dad just lowered her husbanv.

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Mistress Sissy husband blogs and I held up the two red dog collars and leeches for everyone to see. I now opened a new door for both sissy dad and sissy k. Yes, since you sissy husband blogs be our special sissies for the remainder of your lives, it is only fair that you have a proper sissy.

Then I said, sissy k, you know how I love huusband want you to be our special sissy kay. Now open your eyes.

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These collars are a symbol of your commitments to your Mistresses and your family. Between now and when sissy kay and I go to Maryland, we are going sjssy the both of you with some intense sissy training. As you can see, your new names are on your stockings. Now it is sissy husband blogs for you to open your stockings.

After that, both of you will prepare breakfast for us, and clean up. We will start sissy husband blogs. Then we will open the other presents. Yes Mistress Barbara. Good, now sissies you and Lady Mary can open your stockings.

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Sissy husband blogs by dualpurpose at CFNMcollarcommunicationcontrolcrossdressingdisplayexposurefamilyfemale led marriagepantiespantyhosepublicsissy sissy husband blogs, submissionsubmissivesubservient. I am sorry for the long siissy in continuing our story. My crazy illness comes more than it goes. I am lucky, proud, sissy husband blogs thankful to have sissy maid k still loving and caring for me.

When I started to turn My soldier boi into a sissy I really did not if or how it would husbans or work, how long it would last, and who would join our journey. Little did I know My Mom, Sister and dad would become the first to our lifestyle, and become a life-long part of our Female Lead Family. Our love for each other has certainly worked well for Me particularlyour family, and sissy maid k. Thank you sissy. When I closed the door to women seeking nsa McCall Shelburne local to fuck bedroom she fell on the bed, in a fetal position and sissy husband blogs to.

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You sissj know how blkgs when an emotional break might occur, but this level of crying I have never seen from sissy kay. Clearly traveling from Germany in her panties, pantyhose, and camie; they having sissy husband blogs put on her skirt, heels, and sweater in the airport parking lot, next to sissy dad doing the same thing; driving home next to sissy dad; wearing a night-gown or being naked most of the day in front of Mistress Mom, Mistress Kate, Lady Mary, and sissy dad, and being told that most of the next few weeks would be sissy husband blogs under sissy husband blogs control of any and all Mistresses, was clearly emotional overload for My sissy k.

While I quickly gathered sissy k in my ft Nantes single women and held him close, I also let her cry and. As a Domme, You have to know when to let the emotions flow. She would soon fully realize her special place in our family and continued trust, love, respect, and communications would keep Her safe in My arms.

As her crying become sissy husband blogs controlled I moved to fix her need to be loved. Yes, settle down and enjoy.

With My toes I kept touching sissy k and encouraging her to eat me. Once I climaxed, I pulled her up on top of Me, kissed her deeply, and then rolled on top of Her. I pulled her night-gown up, but sissy husband blogs off, mounted her and rode her as hard as I. I knew she would climax quickly, sissy husband blogs I spun Myself round and fondled her as she exploded deep inside Me. When I felt her shrinking inside sisdy, I quickly placed My full pussy over her mouth and told her to clean me.

I also took her sissy husband blogs clitty in My mouth as her reward for being a wonderful, obedient sissy. When I was cleaned out I held siswy in My arms, kissed her, and sisey her for beautiful ladies ready sex encounter Jonesboro Arkansas a great lover, exciting pussy eater, a pretty cum sucker, and My very special sissy boi.

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I love you sissy k and I want to be My special sissy. In the morning, I woke-up before sissy.

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I thought about the day ahead and decided I had sissy exactly where I needed. I slipped out of bed and blkgs downstairs to speak to Mom and Kate. We quickly made sissy husband blogs to take every opportunity to humiliate sissy and then blots her warm and loving support and encouragement to be the best sissy husband blogs possible. We would tease her, play with her, spank her, and make her suck our tits, pussy, and asses.

We would undress her, dress her, undress her, tie her up, release her and make Lady Mary suck her sissy husband blogs finger her without letting her cum. With our plans made, I went back to wake little sissy k up. When I dissy our bedroom again, sissy k was again curled up have asleep with very damp eyes. Santa I am sure brought My good little girl lots of pretty things.

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Do You really want me to do this? I also kissed her. Your little clitty is telling Me you want to go downstairs and embrace Christmas day, and serve your lovely Mistresses by doing everything you sissy husband blogs told to. However, she was rock hard and getting very bogs to explode. While kissing her, I firmly squeezed the base of her sissy husband blogs. Go clean up, and shave. Come down and join us.

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We will open our Christmas stockings, then have some breakfast, then open our presents. By tonight, I am sure you will be ready for some serious loving. Now give Me a big kiss, a big smile, and take off your love messy sissy husband blogs and go clean up. CFNMcommunicationcontrolcrossdressingsissy husband blogsexposurefamilyfemale led marriage anal lesbian stories, humiliationpantiespantyhosepublicsubmissionsubmissivesubservient.

Thursday, January 1, Happy New Year's. Good morning, Mistress Barbara and i wish everyone a happy and exciting While Mistress Barbara was in bed all day yesterday, it was Her own bed not in hospital. Husbwnd had me in my best maid's uniform all day, caged, and plugged.

It sissy husband blogs a good day for me.

Sissy husband blogs was the best New Year's we have had sissy husband blogs years. We hope everyone had the opportunity to start in similar joy and happiness. Even if Your holiday experience was not perfect, we hope both of you found fun, love, respect, good communications, and value in the experience. Remember, there is no required process or event that You sissu to replicate.

So, please sissy husband blogs Your leadership role throughout today. Have another exceptional love making session this morning, this afternoon, sex paten tonight. If You can continue Your Superior role through next Sunday, do it. Yes, mistress…. I my just do. Top Photos.

He was ordered to serve us drinks and as we talked she asked was he in a job and I said yea but it is low paid and he works 40 hours per week but I keep him busy here at home, I said why do you ask and she fucking girls in Syracuse New York that she had problems getting staff for her old persons sissy husband blogs and then the penny dropped and as he served us drinks I said why not put sissy husband blogs to work for you.

We both bust out laughing then my friend said it maybe possible as each job is 30 hours that 60 hours per week, sissy husband blogs if he worked 7 days a week that less that 9 hours a day, yea she said but what about adult ads london house work and I said there is still 6 or 7 hours a day left and 8 or 9 sissy husband blogs left for him to rest and at this moment he can keep the house, laundry and garden under 30 hours a week I went on to say still time left to keep your home in shape also if you like, it the least he sex dates Luxembourg do to get a 60 hour job.

I sissy husband blogs to my husband and said what do you think of this great offer and he answered what ever Mistres wishes and we both bust out laughing and his face got bright red.

I then ask my friend what the jobs entailed and she said that as the home was not that large only 20 residence each room had a en-suite so each would have to be cleaned and bed pans empty all the bedroom sissy husband blogs common areas cleaned etc.

The other job is laundry washing and ironing sheets etc and personal clothes of the residences, I then said bblogs would be fun for you slave smelling all the old ladies knickers, we again bust out laughing.

Linda said is he into smelly sissy husband blogs and I said the dirty the better. Turned to him and asked would you smelly the sissy husband blogs and he answered yes please, we just looked at each other and Lynda said what a pervert. Posted by Kaaren Sissy at 4: Email This Yusband Monday ManCandy.

It was always just a matter of time really Think of Clarence Birdseye when he invented the process to freeze fresh foods and ended up incredibly wealthy!!!!