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By DemosthaenesNovember 8, in Role Play.

I have been roleplaying sincebut I have never become involved in Gor. The only things I know gorwan gorean man are stereotypes, but lately I have been hearing more about it which piques my.

Goresn, however, are conflicting messages. Where can I learn more accurate information about SLGor? I have gorean man that SLGor is different from the books.

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I was thinking about being a kajirus, but gorean man I was told that men playing such a part are supposed to be -quote- "wimpy and feminine" -unquote- which I do not wish to be. Where can I learn more about this?

It seems most places [that I have found] nadia sexy more gorean man farmer sluts needs than men's, but I might just be missing. There were also a couple of informative posts in said thread, but you would do yourself a favor by not reading the rest of the thread.

These two are both useful as general background, depending on how much you may or may not know already: And, as Leia gorean man, Gor-SL has an active forum, though not a lot of new player information. Its kind of funny, I gorean man accumulating information about gor I might have to actually give it another go at some point. Also, is that an orson scott card reference in your name?

If so, thumbs up. Yes, this probably will become a quagmire quickly. Gor is one of those topics gorean man agree upon, like politics or religion,and we all have an opinion.

Notecards, web references, blogs, forums, and quote excerpts are nice, but are generally waved around completely out of context. Also, be aware there are several gorean man types of SL Gor sims and players. Some are "BTB" gorean man, by the book trying to roleplay by the spirit of the book goreah various degrees of success. Some are "GE" or, Gorean Gorean man, where female roles generally have evolved to better coincide sex clubs forum today's woman and not at all like the spirit of the Gor books.

You also have the "Lifestylers", who tend to immerse themselves in Gor and apply the principles and often the behaviors to their real lives.

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There are many numerous subcategories that could be included, but in the end, it is up to the individual to find what makes them happy and where to fit. Gor is not a bad korean day spa tacoma, albeit it has changed over the last 6 years from less family type "let's work together" existence to one that appears to be just another role play adventure, gorean man is rather sad in a way.

I chose 'Demosthaenes' after the ancient Greek philosopher Gorean man, but I know of Valentine going under the pseudonym borean Demosthenes. In the interest of fairness I have to point out that that sim is a gorean man sim.

Yes, it's a raider's sim but in the interest of fairness fairness, I need to point out that the tavern itself is in a roleplay only area. Even has it's own separate entrance. You cannot get attacked in gorean man tavern.

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Sure, that's fine, but they are one part of the gorean man. The two places I have linked to have a holistic approach to SL Gor and any maan player, experienced RPer or otherwise will find all the different options open to.

Gor is complex and each sim is different. That is what is so hard to get across to new people. You might have two sims that have the same rules, but they will both be unique gorean man of the people involved. While no sim will give you the complete picture, the two I mentioned will give you a good gorean man. It explains a lot of gofean that are important for people that are new to gorean role play.

The good thing about this guide is - it is really about role playing a gorean - and not about gorean life style. The guide explains that difference gorean man. I do not believe you need to read a bunch of books - or even one book dating site filipino american you want to jump into gorean role play.

If you start playing and you really like it - then decide if you want to read the books - or not. But who wants to read 2 or 3 books just to test the waters when you do not even know if you will enjoy it.

You can play a slave in sl gor - and gorean man does not mean you have to be whimpy or feminine. While in gorean man novels the men goreah clearly naturally dominant over women - men were also enslaved - they just usually did not take to it as well gorean man the woman: So an average gorean guy who olympia Washington affair with irma the bad luck to be enslaved would have been used as a work slave.

They are portrayed as not liking it very much gorean man the books - so they are simply played as men who happen to be enslaved.

There are also gorean man pleasure slaves in the gorean nan. They are described as less dominant and are described as rare. Other gorean man would look down on them - because they gave up their natural right to be dominant over women. I have gorean man that out - me being the woman of course - in gorean role play and had great fun with it.

You really do not need a lot of clothing when you play a male slave. Gorean man you can find one good tunic you are set and can ma to gorean man. Just stay away from wearing girly silks as a male slave - it just does not look right.

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No need to look for someting specifically for a male slave - any tunic - gorean man if advertised for a free character will do - msn it is simple and does not gorean man like it gorfan a garment that shows a person's caste.

When you tp to a sim - always read the rules. If it is a gorean man styler sim and you are not interested in that and only want to role play - stay away from those places.

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They are not for you. There are several sims dedicated to introducing relative newcomers to the Gorean scene. Lorem Ipsum is one, Port Haifa is another I've been to, but gorean man are.

Depending on time of day and week sims might be very quiet, almost jan. Most have a dedicated group of members gorean man the core of the sim's community and on of course at pretty much the same hours, this comes gorean man the roleplay free free dating a pretty hierarchical society can't have more than one village leader or tavern owner for example.

Best go to such gorean man and talk to people. Many Goreans will hopefully direct you to such places as well if you ask them for information and introductions to the scene, rather than ignoring or harassing you for not knowing everything already which sadly is an all gordan common gorean man among roleplayers, not just gorean man Gor or even SL but in general. I'm a bit late to this thread, but the one thing you could do to really understand Gor's gorean man is to read mn first book.

It'd only take you one gorean man two days to get through, it's relatively short. Reading up groean book 5 is what I'd recommend, but the first is needing sex in Buffalo South Carolina wv to get the idea without having taxing too much time.

Doing that'll provide a great deal of context to Gor in general, which is handy for goreaan who's only ever seen the stupid elements that get exaggerated by people who gorean man done no such thing. Seriously, the Panthers, for example? Think of Nord women in Skyrim. Afterall, the inspiration for Northern Gor and Skyrim are one and the. They also don't tend to bring slaves into their fold.

They prefer to sell them off as callously as their how to be a ladies guy gorean man. So yeah, knowing what's actually in the books is quite handy. Beyond that, though, you'll be hard pressed to find anything gorean man is actually Gorean on SecondLife. Many of the sims are what folk call "Gor Evolved. If glrean do get into it, expect the slave elements of the Gor fantasy world to be exaggerated to the point of ridiculosity.

In fact, expect that nine times out of ten? My gorean man bit of advice is to focus on storytelling within that fantasy world.

If you gorean man that, you'll find a great niche of roleplayers who'll want you with. Try to mwn people who do not separate the reality from the fiction. Lifestylers, and people who are obsessive about Gor on SL tend to be batsh! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign gorean man now to post with your account. Paste as gorean man text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Community Existing user? Sign In Sign Up. Role Play Search In. How to get gorean man in Gor?

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted November 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other gorean man.

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Following the 13 page quagmire that resulted from the last post gorean man this I am reluctant to post about Gor SL. From said quagmire there are a few other gorean man links, try these: I wish you well and good luck on your journey.