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Does prostate massage cause ejaculation I Am Search Cock

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Does prostate massage cause ejaculation

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Does prostate massage cause ejaculation

Can you induce ejaculation by massaging the prostate? So, I'm watching the movie Road Trip, does prostate massage cause ejaculation includes a scene where a character gets "stimulated" to donate a sperm sample by a nurse who massages his prostate massage her fingers. Painful, perhaps, but does this work? I spelled "can" and "induce" wrong in the title. Can a mod please fix?

Originally Posted by Atomicktom. This is why so many gay does prostate massage cause ejaculation are bottoms, and prostatd well-hung partners. Drew Pinsky refuted this many times. He'd say that some guys were into it, but that for most it would not induce an orgasm and was extremely uncomfortable. I noticed the wikipedia article does not cite any of the claims that it produces an orgasm - all of the cites seem completely non sexual. Anyone have a better cite than wikipedia?

The Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

It's not really ejaculation so much as a sort of Lacking a prostate myself, I can't speak from personal experience. Masaage more information herehereand. Find all posts by CaerieD. The last time my proctologist did it I almost pissed.

Originally Posted does prostate massage cause ejaculation CaerieD. Last edited by PetW; at Was Dr.

Drew denouncing ejaculation through prostate massage, or orgasm? It's massagw understanding that the two are not necessarily the same thing. But, y'know, it's hearsay for me: I don't have a prostate.

Find all posts by WhyNot.

Prostate massage - Wikipedia

Speaking as someone who has experienced orgasm by prostate massage alone I can say that yes it does work. Originally Posted by WhyNot.

I've only orgasmed once by prostate massage alone though and it doesn't feel quite the same as a normal orgasm, the spasm is much more intense and feels like it's occurring really deep inside your body which makes sense because it is. For all those times where I've not actually orgasmed but came close to it through massage, it kind of feels a little like you want does prostate massage cause ejaculation piss yourself but not exactly the same in a good way, I hasten to add.

I think references to people ;rostate enjoying girl fucked in Rock Springs massage at the hands of a medical examiner are ejaculatiob of meaningless, they're not supposed to does prostate massage cause ejaculation enjoying it.

If you're having it done by someone who is intending to give you sexual pleasure it's a completely different game.

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Originally Posted by PetW. Drew stated that he has massaged many prostates in patients and said that very few of them enjoyed it maybe he just has cold hands? At the very least it seems obvious that it doesn't work the way it's depicted in Road Trip, which was the question in the OP.

The nurse fingers his prostate with no other sexual stimulation and instantly he has the best orgasm he's ever. Another interesting point is one mynar sex CaerieD 's links says in the first paragraph "Prostate orgasm is the term used for massaging the prostate gland in order does prostate massage cause ejaculation produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid semen without ejaculation.

Any ideas on what this might mean? It also seems to suggest that there would be no sperm, in which case the nurse doing it in Road Trip would be useless.

Find all posts by Musicat. My uncle, who was gay, used to call it a "finger wave. Supposedly, it leads to a very sudden and intense orgasm. I'm a girl, young couple goals I wouldn't know Being over 50, I've had many prostate digital exams, and haven't enjoyed any of them, and certainly never ejaculated while having one.

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Still, I think they're necessary, but uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to me at. There's a PSA count they can make with ejacuoation blood but I understand the physical exam is still best.

Learn about prostate orgasms, what one is, who can do it, and how to have one. in the absence of ejaculation, many men find they can have intense .. If the toy is on the thinner side, this may also cause the toy to rock back. Turns out you can't believe everything you read on the internet Prostate massage or play can produce very powerful sensations and orgasms. I noticed the wikipedia article does not cite any of the claims that it Was Dr. Drew denouncing ejaculation through prostate massage.

It used to be called the "Finger Wave" in the service Where's Quadrop? I was watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery does prostate massage cause ejaculation, and Mike had to stick a 2 ft long dildo gizmo up a bulls rear end. Apparently it was electrified, and stimulated the prostate.

The point emaculation the exercise was to get semen from the bull to sell, which was accomplished.

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So based on that, I would say that there is something to the hole prostate massage thing, at least for bulls. That would be electroejaculation. Originally Posted by Jake. Well that explains it: Drew is caues idiot.

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Good thing he's not a gynecologist - he might be teaching his listeners that ejaulation breasts makes women stare intently at the ceiling, or that inserting things into their vaginas makes them break out in small talk. Originally Posted by Lamia. But if the question Dr.

Drew was taking was specifically about the movie, and the movie showed a prostate massage being performed by a nurse for medical purposes, then I'd say his response was a fair one. As far as his assertion that only some men are into it, and most would find it highly uncomfortable, I'm willing to take his word for it.

I'm not sure if it makes ejaxulation difference, but I do remember that the question came from a woman, who was wondering if her boyfriend would enjoy it. Any brave, straight Dopers want to conduct a home experiment? Originally Posted does prostate massage cause ejaculation CutterJohn. Critical Mass. I apologize does prostate massage cause ejaculation advance as I realize this is getting away from GQ territory.

Since all men have prostrates, I believe that any man could come to enjoy prostrate massage. Of most of the men who I've talked to i am man looking for woman had this does prostate massage cause ejaculation and didn't enjoy it, many of them had homophobic tendencies or were outright homophobic. First, you need to be comfortable with having things in your ass.

Second, you scottish single men to take your porstate and stretch the anus so that it doesn't hurt.

Thirdly, you need to get someone or a device to properly does prostate massage cause ejaculation the prostrate. Originally Posted by qwest. Homophobia may be a reason for some men. However, I don't think that this would be the primary reason for most men.

Originally Posted by gaffa.

'Better Than Pooping': What It Feels Like to Have a Prostate Orgasm - VICE

And it's not as much of a gay vs. I was talking about sex with a very gay friend of mine, and anal sex came up.

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He was totally not into it, either giving or receiving. Strictly oral for. It may not be the primary reason they think they won't enjoy it, but it really would seem to be the underlying theme.

Santo Rugger. A different view.

Prostate Massage Health Benefits ‚Äč- Male G-Spot Orgasms

I'll offer the unheard viewpoint-- a straight male who enjoys prostate stimulation! To my fellow straight guys: It feels ejaculatioon. Shock-out-of-your shoes painful. Nothing homophobic about that, just the truth.

I Am Want Teen Fuck Does prostate massage cause ejaculation

On my own terms, over time by myself and with some past crazy-as-hell girlfriends, I've learned how I feel. What was unpleasant at first eventually became pleasant, and then downright enjoyable. Now, the doctor's office is still uncomfortable, but it's not painful anymore.